Easyrider's mission is is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.

Our logo combining with two different type width. The rounded typeface "Quicksand" clearly shows the meaning of connecting point to point. The mission of easyrider is to build a convenience and cleaner community in the cities. Bring you to your destination as quick as possible. 

Refreshing color palettes. Easyrider introduce a new personality. 

Clean photography style transfer a better easyrider's attitude. 

Easyrider wants to share every joyful moment to the city. 

We bring a smart and convenient way

of commuting to our community.

Through the distribution of shared public scooters and bikes, we aim to reduce the dependence of personal automobiles for short distance transportation.

Easyrider works with each city to ensure we abide by the rules and regulations when it comes to offering convenience of renting our scooters and bikes.


The overlapping of color present the connection of both people and locations. The color overlapping graphics only shows in digital deliverables. 

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